Menu – Víg Kalmár Vendéglő


Salads with fish and meat

Tunafish salad1980,- Ft
Caesar salad with chicken and nuts
1980,- Ft
Mixed salad with grilled smoked cheese1980,- Ft
Breaded Mushroomheads, rice, tartar sauce1500,-Ft
Greek salad980,- Ft


Hungarian tasty snacks on wooden plate1500,- Ft
Tatare beefsteak (mixed raw meat) with toast and butter3200,- Ft
Cold smoked salmon slices with salad1900,- Ft
Mozzarella with basil and tomato1100,- Ft
Fried Camembert with rice and blueberries jam 1500,- Ft


Hen broth „Újházi” style with hen meat and noodles980,- Ft
Buillon with vegetables and vermicelli790,- Ft
Buillon with liver dumplings790,- Ft
Bean soup „Jókai” style with smoked meat and sausage980,- Ft
Hot Goulash soup „Hungarian” style980,- Ft
Daily soups790,- Ft
Fruit soup790,- Ft

Hungarian style - Poultry

Roasted chickenbreast with pesto with mixed salad2600,- Ft
Breast of turkey with mushroom and cheese, with potatoes
2600,- Ft
Breast of chicken stuffed with feta cheese and spinach, with garnish2600,- Ft
Chicken breast with honey and peach, with croquettes2600,- Ft
Chickenbreast stuffed with ham, cheese in breadscrumbs with garnish2600,- Ft
Chickenbreast with pear and camembert, steak frites2800,- Ft
Grilled goose or duck with potatoes and red cabbage3200,-Ft
Goose liver slices in breadscrumbs with potatoes6980,- Ft

Dishes of fish

Carp soup „Hungarian” style in kettle1800,-Ft
Grilled pike- perch slices with butter and lemon with potatoes3800,- Ft
Grilled pike-perch with mushroom sauce and croquettes3800,- Ft
Grilled whole trout according to size2800,- Ft
Carp in breadscrumbs with potatoes and tartar sauce2600,- Ft
Creamed fish stew „Bakony” style with mushrooms and strapachka3200,- Ft
Grilled salmon with vegetables4980,- Ft


Stuffed cabbage „Kolozsvár” style2400,- Ft
Pork medallion „Brassó” style (garlic) 2600,- Ft
Roasted spare rib with garlic2800,- Ft
Fillet mignon of pork with mustard, pepper, steak frites3200,- Ft
Fillet mignon of pork „Ófalusi” style (mushroom sause, goose liver)3980,- Ft
Fillet of pork stuffed with spicy knuckle3200,- Ft


Roasted lamb with garlic , rosemary4800,- Ft
Fried lambs with potatoes4800,- Ft


Roasted beef in „Gamy” sauce with dumplings2600,- Ft
Rib steak with fried onions and potatoes3200,- Ft
Beefsteak „Víg Kalmár” style (bacon, tomato, camembert)5980,- Ft
Beefsteak (250 gr) with grilled vegetables and salad5980,- Ft
Sirloin (350 gr) with grilled vegetables3980,- Ft
Chateaubriand for two persons (450 gr)10900,- Ft

Traditional Hungarian meals

Wiener schnitzel of fillet mignon of pork with potatoes2980,- Ft
Fried calf’s feet in breadscrumbs with tartar sauce
3200,- Ft
Creamed veal stew with small noodles2980,- Ft
Sour lung with bread dumplings2200,- Ft
Hungarian tripes stew with boiled potatoes2400,- Ft
Sholet beans with smoked ham and boiled egg 2800,- Ft


Fillet of venison „Rossini”style (mushrooms, goose liver and Spanish sauce)
4980,- Ft
Venison medaillons with Cumberland sauce3800,- Ft
Venison fillet in „Gamy” sauce with bread dumplings3800,- Ft
Venison fillet with tomato, porcini mushrooms and camembert
3800,- Ft
Wild boar slices „Esterhazy” style with croquettes3800,-Ft


Dish of plenty „Víg Kalmár” style for two persons6500,-Ft
Mixed meat on a wooden plate with garnish Transylvanian style
for two persons

6500,- Ft
Knuckle of pork „Baker” style
6500,- Ft


Lettuce with dressing550,- Ft
Tomato salad550,- Ft
Cucumber salad or cucumber salad with sour cream and garlic550,- Ft
Cabbage salad550,- Ft
Mixed pickles                                 550,- Ft
Mixed salad with yogurt and roquefort dressing 890,- Ft

Dessert and cheese

Ice cream sundae with fruits and whipped cream980,- Ft
Delicacy of Somló980,- Ft
Gundel pancake980,- Ft
Pancake (cottage cheese, cocoa, jam, poppy seed)690,- Ft
Diced pasta with curd cheese and cracklings980,- Ft
Strapachka980,- Ft
Plum dumplings980,- Ft
Assorted cheese for one person1980,- Ft